Staying Afloat

The job is done but only just

It’s Groundhog Day again  

Cloughie’s cups have turned to rust

All that’s left is pain


It started with the same old hope    

From the owner’s battle cry

As usual we supplied the rope

And he hung us out to dry 


In came Philippe, King of France

Who really aimed to please

He led us all a merry dance

But really knew his cheese


Fawaz laughed as cheques were mailed

The cash back song he sings

Our flying Scotsman was derailed

For one of Red Bull’s wings


A host of signings joined the Reds  

Men from every nation 

Whilst most supporters scratched their heads

At Montanier’s squad rotation 


Pereira’s runs were so high tempo 

A blood rush to the head

In tandem with the odd memento

Like several cards of red 


He really was a decent bloke

But we said goodbye to Phil

Our season had gone up in smoke 

So back came Gaz Brazil 


Along with Jack he did his best

Though many soon did doubt him

His graduates all passed the test

Where would we be without him? 


Interest came from stateside shores

Suspense too much to handle

The takeover by John J Moores

Was blown out like a candle


The straw that broke the camel’s back

A protest not in doubt

Supporters forced into attack

With cries of Fawaz out


Warburton came to save the day

But not quite as he’d planned

Relegation was just goals away

Thanks to Jordan Smith’s left hand


Marinakis restored the power 

And wiped away our tears

He spoke more sense in half an hour

Than Fawaz did in years 


No big promise or agendas

No winding up or crisis

This guy will repay the lenders

And slash the ticket prices


Fair to say we love the Greek

The future could be great

I’d kiss the big lad on both cheeks

I’ll even smash a plate


By Steve Corry (@fitzcorry)


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